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Shanté Edwards

Age: 17

Why blog? I LOVE films! (some may say I’m obsessed).Well I do call the cinema my second home. Old or new: I probably spend half my time talking about them so I thought that blogging is the best way to share my many opinions and to see if you guys agree or disagree. I also think that blogging is the best way to critique films and give my fellow film lovers advice about what to watch and what not to watch!

Tyler Morgan

Age: 17

Why blog? If there’s one thing that people know about me from meeting me is that I love TV shows! Some may even say addicted, but I say a dedicated, avid watcher. I’m quite the talker (as you’ll see from my blogs), so I thought what is the best way to express this…BLOGGING! Spreading the love of TV shows, both old and new, to fellow TV show watchers like myself!