What’s up guys!!! I apologise for such a long wait. It is currently exam season for Tyler and I 😦 and would just like to promise that we will be catching up and reviewing all that has been missed.

However I took the time to finally watch The Fate of the Furious. I must say this is the first fast and furious since number 5 that I didn’t watch in the cinema. I think the trailer just threw me and I was upset to see that it didn’t involve the love of cars and racing like the previous movies, and obviously that Dom seemed to be the villain! (Oh and of course, no Paul Walker 😦 ) But I thought that I might as well give it a go and see if they proved me wrong.

So the film begins with a race between Dom and a rich guy from Cuba, who wants Dom’s cousins’ car. Of course, Don wins but there is tension when you see the car he is driving! He and Leti are enjoying their honeymoon when one morning Dom is told he now works for a woman called Cipher and she needs him to betray his family. We then first get a look at Hobbs’ new life as a football coach for his daughter’s team. He is told that he needs to do a job for the FBI again and if it all goes wrong he could end up in prison. Whilst on the job, Leti notices Dom acting strangely and that’s when we see ‘Dom go rogue’ and drive off from his family, leaving Hobbs to get arrested and join the prison Deckard Shaw. After escaping, the team are recruited to work for Mr. Nobody alongside Deckard Shaw. We then find out that Cipher was behind the previous attacks that the team have encountered, like recruiting Owen Shaw in Fast and Furious 6. Cipher and Dom arrive at the team’s headquarters and steal God’s Eye. Once they get back Dom questions Cipher, where she reveals that she has Elena and Elena and Dom’s son captive. Cipher then sends Dom to New York to retrieve a nuclear football where he manages to avoid her cameras for short period to ask Deckard and Owen’s mother for help. The team attempt to intercept Dom but he escapes and shoots Deckard. Cipher creates havoc throughout the city, whilst Leti is almost killed by one of Cipher’s men. However, Dom stops him and as a punishment Cipher kills Elena. Dom is sent to Russia, where he is again intercepted by the team. Faking his own death, Deckard, with the help of his brother, get Dom’s son to safety thereby causing Dom to turn on Cipher and avenge Elena’s death. The team reach safety but annoyingly Cipher gets away. On the bright side Dom names his son Brian.

Overall, I didn’t expect to enjoy this movie. To be honest, I felt doing a number 8 was just dragging out a franchise that could have ended at number 5 and when I first saw the trailer I felt that they didn’t have a solid storyline. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the acting provided by the original family. Oo I have to mention the eye candy and laughter provided by Roman (Tyrese) … as well as providing the looks (which he and Paul Walker used to do perfectly), he was seriously hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing at all his scenes. However, I must stay I didn’t take to well to the new guy (Scott Eastwood) who works with Mr. Nobody. It seemed like he was trying to replace Paul Walker, even by driving the blue car that Paul used to drive. On the other hand, it was very heart warming to see the tribute to Paul by Dom calling his son Brian. The storyline, was well executed in certain scenes, however I feel that if Elena really wanted to protect her child she would have told Dom he was a father so he could protect them both. Furthermore, the timing is all messed because as far as I’m aware the baby would have been older – Dom and Elena were last together in the beginning of Fast and Furious 6, Brian’s son had grown up quite bit by the beginning of Fast and Furious 7 and then at the end of Fast and Furious 7, Mia’s baby bump has grown therefore the timing is not correct! Also, I feel that Cipher needed to have more of a background story to really enhance how villainous she is and that she actually has control of Dom and is making him betray his family. Towards, the end I was glad to see Dom kill that guy who (SPOILER ALERT) killed Elena. BUT I was not happy to see Cipher get away, like where was Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) – whose entrance surprised me as I don’t see how anyone could survive falling out of a plane, whereas Gisele didn’t survive. Oh and another point, why was Leti the only one who had Dom’s back? I feel that they should have known something was going on for Dom to betraying them and tried to find out what that was.

Rating: 3 out 5

S 🙂

(review of guardian of the galaxy vol. 2 coming soon)