Watch the trailer:

This brand new Tv show follows the novella of Stephen King The Mist, which tells the story of what happens when a creepy mist comes over the town. And from watching the trailer, the directors have already done a good job of making that Mist look freaky and creepy.

The Mist covers Bridgeville, Maine where the residents are put to the test as ‘the mist’ comes with unexpected and bizarre threats. Friends become foe, families become divided, as each residents fight to maintain morality and sanity as the rules of society that we follow so closely begins to crumple before our eyes.

It stars Luke Cosgrove, Bill Carr, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Gus Birney and Ayssa Sutherland. The first season consists of 10 episodes and has strong hopes for season 2.

The show’s creator, Christian Torpe hinted that the show has a new cast of characters and ‘will tell its own story’.  The reason for this decision is because it is a novella consisting of 200 pages and one location and for it to be an ongoing series this needed to change. I question whether this will be a good thing or not, considering when creators divert from books it tends to be rubbish. Although, 13 Reasons Why and Shadowhunters have diverted a bit from the original book plot, yet have been very successful, so I’m quite hopeful.

If you are on the Stephen King’s wave, I do recommend that you read the books so that you get a better understanding. Why don’t you also watch the trailer for ‘It’ Stephen King’s new horror movie about Killer Clowns!



No one shows are similar, but I think if you liked Containment, The Strain, The 4400 and if you liked Stephen’s King ‘Under the Dome’ ( if you haven’t watched it already go do it now! Although, not to put you off S3 is bit meh), I’d think you like The Mist as well. If this directors get this right, I believe this can be a favourite show of 2017! You heard it hear first!

attends the 2015 Spike TV Upfront on March 3, 2015 in New York City.Catch the Pilot that airs on 23/06/2017 on Spike!