What’s up guys! So during the half term, being the animation lover I am, I watched Boss Baby. As much as I loved this movie, I can honestly say there may be some real meaning and truth behind the story line…

The movie begins with a story told by Timothy Templeton through his imagination of his days with his parents. Timothy lives the a perfect life being an only child – – (1st child readers only) I feel this part of the movie probably displayed what life was like for you guys before the next child came along (depending on how long they took!). We are then shown that Timothy’s mother is pregnant but when asked Timothy says he doesn’t want another brother. The next morning, ‘The Boss Baby’ shows up and steals all of timothy’s parent’s attention. This leads to Timothy finding out that the baby can talk and is really known as ‘The Boss Baby’. Timothy tries to get evidence of the baby talking to give to his parents to get rid of him but ‘The Boss Baby’ and his team of babies intercept him and the tape gets destroyed.  Unfortunately Timothy’s parents ground him. The Boss Baby goes to Timothy and the travel to Baby Corp, where Timothy finds out why The Boss Baby really turned up at his house – puppies are getting more love than babies. The Boss Baby also reveals that the company Timothy’s parents work for are planning to release a forever puppy, which would steal all the love for babies, and if The Boss Baby doesn’t stop it from happening he will stay with Timothy forever. Timothy offers his help to try and stop the forever puppy, but the two are ambushed by Francis E. Francis, former head of Baby Corp., who founded Puppy Corp. as an act of vengeance. He reveals his plans to shut down Baby Corp. using the special formula that the babies in Baby Corp. drink to stay as a baby. Francis takes Timothy’s parents to Las Vegas, leaving Timothy and The Boss Baby behind with Francis’s brother as their babysitter. Timothy and The Boss Baby escape with the help of The Boss Baby’s team and release Timothy’s parents as well as turning Francis back into a baby! The Boss Baby returns to Baby Corp. only to receive a letter from Timothy which persuades The Boss Baby to go leave Baby Corp. and be part of a family. He returns to the Templeton family as a regular baby named Theodore. We also see a snippet into the future of Timothy as an adult, who is the father of two daughters that mirror the relationship that he and Theodore had when they first met.

Being a big fan of DreamWorks, especially the Shrek movies, this film really lived up to my expectations (pulling on some heartstrings). The storyline was well executed, with comedy and twists, and I can probably predict that this will be the go-to movie for parents expecting the 2nd child. The movie also had another strong moral – there is enough love to share between everyone! I am honestly looking forward to more animations from DreamWorks, Pixar, etc.

Rating: 4.5 out 5

S 🙂