Ben contemplates whether he is the best father or the worst father in the world for waking his daughter, Emma up so that they can eat ice cream late at night. Emma cutely replies ‘the best’ as would I (you totally got to try eating ice cream late at night!). But there cute, father/daughter moment is interrupted, as Tucker bursts in with his “date” of the night where he tells his companion, “This is where the magic happens!”. Ben quickly covers his daughter’s innocence eyes and reminds Tucker of the House Rules, promptly Tucker leaves to attend to his “date” Kiki.

I’m happy to see that Tucker is slowly and surely coming out of his slump phrase since coming back from L.A. I would prefer it however if they could find a steady girl for Tucker, like they’re trying to do for Ben. Tucker Dobbs needs some love too!

Ben is totally convinced that Tucker hooked up with a hooker, as he meet the girl at the Bellevandeer who was sitting at the bar alone. You hear that guys if she’s sitting at the end of the bar alone, chances are she is a hooker. Ben rushes over to Danny & Riley Apartment, Danny coming out completely shirtless (HOT!) where he informs Danny that one of his wishes came true: He knows a real live hooker!

Shots were fired the next morning when Ben teased Tucker about sleeping with a hooker, where Tucker fires back, ‘At least I’m not the one chasing around some fantasy chick that I’ve never even meet before, because I can’t have a relationship with a real girl!’ OOOOO Ben replies, ‘At least I have a job!’ Simple comeback but very effective indeed! BURN TUCKER!!

As Bonnie and Brad are preparing to set off on their trip around the world, Brad is arrested by the FBI. Oh no? What did he do? Bonnie wants to Riley to help Brad as his lawyer and promises to make her life a living hell if she doesn’t agree.

Meanwhile, Danny and Ben are trying to catch Tucker date in the act of being a hooker, where Danny is meant to be one of her customers. O Oh, Ben should have been more descriptive of Tucker’s girl, because Danny has managed to pull the wrong one. That is not going to end well…

Back with Brad and Bonnie, both of them are freaking out, Brad more so because he is being targeted by 3 different gangs who want him. WINK WINK. Classic Bonnie tries to comfort him, by pressing her boobs against the glass of the visiting room. Bonnie is waiting as Riley presents the facts of the case, and tells this stranger about what Brad is in for and revealing that he is in fact GUILTY. Unbeknown to her it is the lawyer who is going to persecute Brad… To rectify her mistakes, she goes to Brad’s storage unit intent on burning all the files that implicate him. Riley finds her and reminds her this is the wrong thing to do and tells her not to do it or she’ll spend time behind bars too. Bonnie questions should she trust Riley, considering the way she cut her hair. FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE WHO ALSO SEES THAT HAIR CUT IS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!! Riley tells her baby bump that they are going to be the pride of the family remarking that the bar for that is very low!

Tucker keeps on insisting that Kiki is not a hooker and for Ben to leave her alone. Is Ben being a concerned friend or a nosy busybody? But Ben is right, as Danny finds out when he asks the right girl this time (Kiki) if she would have sex with him in exchange for money. Kiki explains that yes she is a hooker and yes she does get money from having sex with people, but she wanted to try and pursue a relationship with Tucker. Poor Tucker…

To make it up to Tucker, Ben meets with Kiki and agrees to give her £500 if she goes out with Tucker for a couple of dates and then breaks up with him. Don’t mess with a hooker Ben! The episode ends how it started with Ben and Emma eating ice cream, when Tucker bursts into the room with his ‘date’. To confirm that she is not a hooker, Tucker exclaims, ‘This is Natalia. She’s a librarian. She lives in Brooklynn, has a sister named Jodie and a cat named Sprinkles!’ Ben at that moment realises he’s been fleeced by ‘the hooker with the heart of gold’ and reminds his daughter to always get a receipt.

A good episode I believe, we got to see all our characters this episode, where each of them had their sub-plots. Question to the directors though: when are we going to find out what happened to Tucker in L.A? When are we next gonna see Elle? What going to happen next to Brad? Will Riley’s hair even be the same?

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Until next week!

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