Thats right, Baby Daddy is back for its long awaited premiere of Season 6! I have missed this shows fun loving nature and can’t wait to power through the up and coming episodes.

Three months have passed since that shocking season 5 finale, where we find out that Riley is pregnant! Thats right we have another baby daddy on our hands and its the incredibly hot Danny Wheeler! The show opens up with an excited Danny looking at sonogram, but its not of Riley stomach, its of his own as he looks at the burrito he has just eaten. Its classic Danny but I love it! WHAT THE HELL HAS RILEY DONE TO HER HAIR?!! It has got to be the worst haircut I have ever seen, its like those kids who had their mum cut their hair with the bowl-bad. From episode 1 of season 1, Danny & Riley have been my OTP and I can’t wait for them to focus and develop of their relationship further <3.

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Riley is trying to secure her dream doctor, but of course not everything can do to plan. Her dream doctor is dead and there is no one who can possibly replace her, much like how a girl plans her dream wedding, Riley planned her dream OBE. Danny suggests his mother’s doctor, but Riley refuses to have the same doctor as Mrs Wheeler.

I have greatly missed Mrs Wheeler comedic character! Bonnie is having a few problems of her own, she doesn’t want to go on the round the world with her husband, Brad as she wants to be more involved with Riley’s pregnancy, much to Riley’s dismay. Therefore, she ropes in Danny to convince Brad she is needed for the pregnancy and Brad ropes in Danny to convince Bonnie to take this trip of a life time. Poor Danny!

It seems like Riley is not the only one with a new hairstyle, even Ben has changed his hairstyle and colour for the new season. Ben is on the hunt for the mysterious girl who he briefly glimpsed at the end of the last season. He believes that this girl who he has no name for could be his soul mate. Ben has sex with Olivia who leads him to Olivia who he has sex with who coincidentally happens to have a photo of Ben’s mysterious girl. Go score! Now he has a name- Elle. But things can never be so simple, Amanda has now invited Ben to be her date and some party, which Olivia is also going to be at and his MG girl. Not good, so he gets Tucker and Brad to tackle the two girls so he can focus on MG.


It wouldn’t be Baby Daddy if everything went to plan, Ben leaves the party with a wet t-shirt from the drinks thrown at him by the two girls, just as MG girl Elle comes to the party. NOOO! But I wouldn’t close that door too quickly, I have feeling we will be seeing Elle pretty soon.

Now the only person I haven’t talked about in this episode is Tucker, who has come back from his short trip to LA, where he refuses to tell anyone what happened to him there. Well not everyone, he does tell Emma, but that little girl’s lips are sealed. I hope we do find out what happens to Tucker in the up and coming episode.

A nice pilot episode to kick start the new season, can’t wait for the next episode!!