What’s up people!! So I recently watched Logan and honestly I expected so much more…

The film is set in the future where most to all mutants are extinct. Logan (Hugh Jackman), formally known as the Wolverine, has aged greatly due to his healing gift being weakened. His first appearance shows him as limousine driver who cares for Professor X (Patrick Stewart) alongside mutant Caliban (Stephan Merchant). It has become apparent that Professor X is suffering from neurodegenerative disease in which his telepathic ability is uncontrollable and has devastating effects as a result of seizures. One day, Logan is approached by a woman called Gabriela Lopez (Elizabeth Rodriguez) who asks him to help her and a child Laura (Dafne Keen) escape to a place called ‘Eden’. Reluctantly, Logan offers his service but by then Gabriela has been killed and Caliban kidnapped. Along the journey, Logan finds out that Laura is in fact his biological daughter part of a company that raised mutant children into killers. Unfortunately, Professor X is killed by a feral clone of Logan while reminiscing on the damage caused by a seizure that resulted in the death of the some X-men and civilians. As Logan and Laura are ambushed by the company, Caliban sacrifices himself to destroy the van and save Logan and Laura. After a long journey, Laura arrives to meet the rest of the children alongside a poorly Wolverine. Towards the end of the film, Logan is awoken by the screams of the children in which he finds out they are being chased by the company that made them. Sadly Logan dies as the result of his clone impaling him onto a branch, after he and the children kill the men chasing them. Laura kills the clone and all the children bury Logan before heading to ‘Eden’.

I wasn’t expecting the movie to head in the direction it did. I mean I understand that the Wolverine would end one day but I guess I wanted a more exciting ending. It was truly upsetting to see Professor X go and Logan so feeble and not able to fight the way he usually does, although there is one moment where we are reminded of his strength and his true ability as part of the X-men. Logan’s daughter Laura also plays a huge role in that she mirrors Logan’s past strength as she carries his mutation. I guess you could say it’s not your usual daddy-daughter bonding experience. I must say I have high expectations for the next movie with the young children obviously replacing the old X-men. Hugh Jackman did show some good acting alongside young actress Dafne Keen, who may definitely be making appearances as the ‘mini Wolverine’.

Rating: 2 out 5

S 🙂