Before Wednesday 11th January 2017, I had never heard of Community (a crime? I shall watch on) Yet, I was on my break in my psychology class and one of my friends suggested it. They said and I quote ‘If you like the humour in Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which I do) then you’ll love community’.

So this is me giving Community a shot, even though it has ended and will be my first post on Old But Golden TV series.

Season 1 Episode 1: Community

We have this guy Jeff (Joel McHale) just wants to coast by in life and get back to working as a lawyer, after faking going to law school (Ring a bell anyone! Suits!!). So Jeff has been forced to enrol in a community college, where one of the classes he takes is Spanish, in which he forms a study group to get closer to Britta (Gillian Jacobs).

Before this he does try to get all the answers to his term papers from a professor who happens to be one of his clients when he was a ‘lawyer’. The professor is such an airhead, but the joke was on Jeff when he traded his car for blank test answers!!

This show follows stereotypes as well as breaking them, this is clear from our loveable study group: the overachiever (Anne), the sassy black woman (Shirley), the dumb jock (Troy), the weird older guy (Pierce), the hot-girl (Britta) and Abed who is just Abed.

You gotta like Jeff, even if he is a douchebag, you must admit he is a funny likeable douchebag. The amount of feels I felt when he was forced to leave the study group after they found out he knew not one iota of Spanish and then they realise that they didn’t need the study group to study, but just to have someone they could communicate with others.

So, my first review of the show, drum roll please… I must admit I do like it and here are the reasons why.

It’s not the humour I imagined it would be in terms of the 99 comedy, but the one-liners that they do have I enjoy. I also like the characters, they all offer something individual, they’re not the same and each offer something different. Some shows have a set storyline and this does not. I don’t know how I feel about this because not following a set storyline means that the writers must come up with new creative ideas- they need to make each episode enjoyable for us viewers to continue watching.